Plant-based cuisine and trainings for health, beauty and longevity

Our cuisine features epicurean plant-based cuisine in celebration of our "aliveness." Our goal is simple: To let mother nature's cuisine shine with all the exciting tastes, textures, vibrant colours and pure flavours. The food we serve is prepared with love, passion and attention to detail. Our menus are designed to give optimal plant-based nutrition and high energy whilst inspiring a gastronomical journey aimed to nurture body, mind and soul. This process starts with sourcing the finest organic ingredients at the height of their season to honour the earth and ourselves, as we are one and the same.
We support local farmers, sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly products.
Experience our Signature Chef's Specialty Tasting Menus at our retreat or enjoy our a la carte menus sure to surprise and delight a wide array of palates.
We invite you to step inside and enjoy the beauty and pleasure of feeling nourished, loving your life, adoring yourself and accepting the world, being present, generous and grateful every day.
Enjoy the world's most innovative, life-invigorating cuisine at Fivelements' award-winning Sakti dining concepts.
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