Eat well every day
"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Hippocrates
Mother Nature provides us with living foods that fuel our bodies and minds with optimum energy and healing. Take your favorite recipes and gradually adapt them by adding more living foods to provide a fresher and healthier alternative.
1. Shopping
Food sources: Select quality, fresh organic produce and whole foods from reliable sources
Shop local: Buy directly from local organic farmers when possible
Buy produce in season: To enjoy the peak of their natural goodness
Buy sea salt vs. processed table salt: For its additional minerals
2. Preparation
Keep your kitchen clean: To reduce bacteria and food spoilage
Scrub v peel: Many veggie nutrients are found in the skin
If cooking, steam, don't fry or boil: To preserve the vitamins
Don't overcook veggies: Al dente retains taste as well as nutrients
Buy, prep, eat: Older produce oxidizes and loses its natural vitality
3. Living foods every day
Wake up to a green juice: Express your nutrient intake
Drink lemon water: For extra vitamin C, to flush toxins and aid digestion
Focus on fresh raw veggies: Boost your immune system and energy levels
Rainbow meals: Many colors equal many nutrients
Make fresh fruit or raw nuts your treats: Reduce your processed sugar intake
Chew well: To breakdown food, stimulate digestive enzymes and help absorb vitamins
4. Love, love, love
Buy fresh living foods: Show some self-love; you're absolutely worth it
Prepare with loving care and positivity: You can taste the difference
Eat mindfully and with love: You are healing yourself through food
Listen to your body: It will tell you which foods it loves best
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