Tea Ceremony & Mindful Calligraphy Workshop

Morgann DéMarks & Gary Chin
Friday, August 30, 2019
10:30am – 12pm & 6:30 – 8pm
Spirit Space
7 spaces per offering
Tea Ceremony and Calligraphy are traditional practices that have withstood the test of time as tools to cultivate meditation and mindfulness. In this workshop you will discover the 'Way of Tea' and explore your inner creativity to cultivate calmness, harmony and a renewed connection with nature.

New Moon energy sparks creativity, originality and ignites our passions towards what we truly seek. We begin with bowls of tea in silence to create the portal into tranquility, stillness and self-reflection before learning the practice of brush calligraphy, merging breath with penmanship and awareness.

You will create a scripted card inspired by your New Moon intention and leave with a special gift of 'living' tea.

Morgann DéMarks has been a meditation practitioner for over 10 years with a dedicated focus on both the Vipassana and Zen traditions. Her practice led her to The Way of Tea (Cha Dao), where she began to share Tea ceremonially by offering the Leaf as medicine and a means of deep connection. Initiated into a lineage, she has taken vows to commit to the practice and a life of service. She is currently living in Taiwan with her teacher, Wu De, and fellow students at The Tea Sage Hut, a tea and zen center in Miaoli, Taiwan.

Gary Chin is an avid calligrapher and has learnt different scripts and techniques from various renowned calligraphers such as Eleanor Winters, Barbara Calzolari and Michael Sull. He believes that the art of writing does not only elevate personal quality and cultivate one's aesthetic sense, but is also conducive to improved focus and stress reduction.
Workshop Cost Only
HKD 450
per person
Workshop Cost + 2 Course Set Menu with drinks
HKD 628
per person