Movement at Fivelements Habitat

Movement and mobility, martial arts and expressive dance sessions invite graceful yet simple movement combined with breath to enhance internal balance, creativity, expression and joy.
Benefits include:
  • Promote comfort and ease in the body
  • Movement exploration to enhance creativity
  • Release stress and frustration
  • Cultivate ease, joy and power
  • Injury rehabilitation, stress release and surrendering frustrations

Movement classes

5 Rhythms
All levels welcome no dance experience necessary.
Moving meditation guided by music.
By exploring natural movement inspired by 5 distinct musical rhythms, we journey into the experience of body, mind, and heart and expand into greater awareness of ourselves and freedom of expression. Each rhythm calls forth another aspect of ourself. In flowing, we experience our natural ease and gracefulness. In staccato, we call forth our strength of will and direction. In chaos, we enjoy the freedom from structure. In lyrical, we rediscover playfulness. In stillness, we connect with our inherent peace and connectedness.
Contemporary Dance & Core
Ground the body through core activation, as we must ground in order to grow. Then learn to flow through contemporary dance movement. This session is a beautiful way to improve your coordination, balance and spatial awareness, as well as increase your mental functioning and general well-being. No dance experience is needed.
Do-In Taoist Movement
Do-In Taoist exercises and self-massage for health.
Do-In combines gentle and effective stretching and movements, with meditative and breathing techniques as well as self-massage. Stemming from Taoism and Chinese Medicine, these unique exercises activate and balance the circulation of life force through the body's energetic pathways, the meridians. Beneficial for athletes and also suitable for the less active, participants will notice improved flexibility, joint condition, blood circulation, body balance and body-mind connection. Do-in improves one's energy level, mental focus and clarity.
Do-In Taoist Movement for Women
This session for women supports the "yin" or feminine aspects of the body (such as the womb and woman's organs) through breath, awareness and movement, greatly increasing overall flexibility and ease. We will learn how to energetically activate acupuncture points and meridians related to women's health issues. We'll explore how our legs and connection to the ground allows us to find strength in connecting to our core femininity.
Evolutionary Dance
Ecstatic Free-Form Movement Meditation.
Evolutionary Dance Is a guided movement exploration leading into meditation and stillness. We will bring our personal intentions toward evolution as fuel for the dance. We'll explore and express emotion, connecting with the heart's joy and bliss, moving into connecting with spirit, and accessing our higher life purpose. The dancer will walk away with greater clarity, wisdom, a sense of expanded being, and more in-tune with inner knowing. The dance is a platform for an evolutionary process, moving from the survival based fight-flight mentality to an awakened free-spirited and evolved Higher Self. The dance is at once a means to explore movement, release stress, a tool for transformation, and a gateway to self-healing.
Guided Movement and Journaling
Group class, small group or private session.
Free yourself of unnecessary suffering through guided movement and journaling. Allow yourself to flow through movement and words. We all have all the answers we are looking for. Seek inwards. Allow the time and space for your inner voice to speak and to be heard. Hear and connect with your truth.
Pen, colour pencils and journals will be provided. Please wear comfortable clothes to move in. This practice may be accompanied by live musicians.
Movement Basics
A great starting point for new practitioners to Movement Culture, this foundation class focuses on bodyweight strength, mobility, coordination, fluidity of movement. These sessions combine theory with movement practice and partner movement drills. Movement Basics promotes somatic awareness and encourages more graceful, powerful, balanced, efficient, creative and enjoyable movement!
Mobility and Movement
A class for those who feel stiff or tight and who want to experience healthy and functional flexibility, taught in a clear manner. Movements are tailored to balance habits like sitting for long hours or regular running. Exploring mobility playfully and in "flows", as well as technically in isolation to gain clarity and confidence in positions that are usually difficult for hip, lower back and shoulders.
Movement Flow
Movement Flow blends primal movements, yoga poses, martial arts and beginner calisthenics into fluid sequences. Anyone who has felt limited by a yoga mat before is welcome to join this journey of movement exploration. Each class progresses from the most basic - think easier than downward dog - to intermediate patterns that are optional.
Movement Therapy
Movement Therapy is a gentle slow-paced movement practice for all levels. Focusing on functional mobility and relaxed coordination the practice facilitates the development of body awareness. Movements performed both lying down and standing, this session is especially recommended for those with with injuries or chronic tension in the body and mind.
Phoenix Qi Gong
Learn the art of Qigong from Master Joe Lok for vibrant health and wellbeing.
Dao Yin 導引 (Qigong) is a Taoist healing art dating back thousands of years to as early as the Han Dynasty of China. Graceful yet simple movements combine with breath to direct life energy through the body to enhance internal balance. Master Lok's skilful guidance emphasises precision of movement in order to sense and guide the chi flow though the body and to the organs. Proper chi flow is considered responsible for proper circulation, improving immunity and speeding healing. As Master Lok says, "Prevention of illness is better than treatment. Natural healing through Qigong is better than any medication. The practice of qigong ensures health and fitness for a life time."
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