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Clemens Schweizer

Clemens is a certified fitness and health coach, and part of SharedSpace Movement. His education includes general and sports anatomy, general training theory, strength-training theory and practice, cardio-training theory and practice, coordination-training theory and practice, mobility-training theory and practice, sports nutrition, as well as relaxation and recovery.
Classes & private trainings
Movement Basics
This basic level movement class is a great starting point for new practitioners to Movement. A blend of bodyweight strength, mobility and flow coordination work, this practice facilitates the development of somatic awareness.
These sessions are a blend of lecture, discussion, individual, introspective movement practice and partnered movement drills. Designed by SharedSpace's Movement Director, Aaron Martin, all movement workshops have a healthy blend of Strength, Mobility and Coordination work, encouraging each participant to develop a movement practice that is balancing and harmonising to one's body. These movement workshops are a taster for Movement Teacher Trainings as well as Katonah Yoga 200-hour certification accredited.

Mobility and Movement
A class for those who feel stiff or tight and who want to experience healthy and functional flexibility, taught in a clear manner. Movements are tailored to balance habits like sitting for long hours or regular running. Exploring mobility playfully and in "flows", as well as technically in isolation to gain clarity and confidence in positions that are usually difficult for hip, lower back and shoulders.

Movement Therapy
This is a slow-paced, gentle movement practice. Movement Therapy is a basic level class, with a focus on functional mobility and relaxed coordination. It is a wonderful alternative to the Movement Basics class, especially for those nursing injuries or chronic tension in the muscles and mind. This class will cover a blend of exercises, both lying down and standing up. A great class to end the day with.

Strength and Movement
This session builds strength and awareness for movements with good form. What do healthy and balanced strength exercises look like? These alignment-based strength movements are for people who want to get stronger, balance their other practices and improve posture. Session emphasise a strong trunk, open shoulders and a stable core to move well.