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Jennifer Yip

Jennifer is a passionate holistic mindfulness coach, breath-work facilitator, as well as a creative director in the corporate world. Her goal is to support all individuals on achieving a stress-free life they deserve. She is the founder of "Living Life with Jen" a platform she created to serve, based on her core belief — "the best part of life is living it!" She inspires clients to be a warrior through all emotions, to be the winner in fear and to be the ambassador of light and love in every moment. "I'm the bridge connecting you and your soul. I'm the light who helps you discover the heaven inside you."
Classes & private trainings
Breath of Bliss
A ceremonial breathwork combining breath, movement and sound to lead you into a state of bliss. You are going to experience a realisation of "fierce compassion" beyond struggles, attachments, dramas and disturbing emotions. This is a nourishing journey to restore your innate calmness, joy and aliveness.

Mindful Eating
This is an experiential and soul nourishing journey with organic food — a guided meditation and sensation opening process allowing you to taste your food in a completely new way.


The Art of Ease
These sessions explore creating perfect balance in life. With an open mind we connect to the heart and find an approach to greater ease in diet, relationship, spirituality, and financial abundance. Mindfulness, self-coaching techniques, breathing exercises and easy meditation practices support you to release current stress and manifest the future you want.
"Easy is right." — Chuang Tzu


Conscious Marketing Seminar
Motivational seminar for corporate to inspire business insiders on how to manage stress, tackle challenges, improve performance, generate income and achieve ultimate success in a spiritual and mindful way.

Life Coaching One to One
This coaching session assists you to achieve mental balance in work, relationships and your personal life. With easy mindfulness practice involving guided meditation, emotion management techniques and shadow work, we transform stress into freedom, joy and peace.