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Joakim Olin

Joakim Olin (Hanuman Om) began studying, practicing and teaching yoga in his native Sweden in 2000. It was Guru Bhai Himat Singh who first took Joakim under his wing and guided him on the spiritual path — today Joakim is one of the few certified and active kundalini yoga teachers in Hong Kong. Joakim is also a long time Sri Andrei Ram and Sri Dharma Mittra devotee and former senior Pure Yoga teacher. Joakim is responsible for introducing the incredibly powerful, transforming, playful, healing and purifying Dharma Yoga to a wider audience in Asia. Like his Gurus, Joakim's teaching style is characterised by creativity, curiosity, encouragement, dedication, devotion, compassion, clarity, playfulness and warmth. His classes combine effective instructions with breathing visualisations to stimulate a clear, meditative mind.

"One of the many gifts of being a yoga teacher is seeing students develop through the practice of yoga — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually both on and off the mat."
Classes & private trainings
Dharma Yoga
Suitable for beginner and intermediate students.
Dharma Yoga is a graceful, accessible yet challenging form of yoga shared by yoga legend Sri Dharma Mitra. Each class offers a well-rounded practice for the entire body and mind, including hip openers, arm balances, back bends, forward folds, twists, inversions, pranayama, chanting, purification techniques, breathing visualisation, and meditation. Both liberating and playful, Dharma Yoga offers students freedom while enjoying the powerful group energy and the teacher's guidance. At its core Dharma Yoga is a deeply healing and devotional practice that focuses on good health, a clear mind and a kind heart.


Dharma Yoga Master Class
Based on Dharma Yoga, this Master Class is a two hour class where we will explore a bit deeper, including more challenging asanas and flow. Practices like pranayama, chanting, yoga nidra and meditation are often included. This class is excellent for devoted students who are looking to develop their practice and wish to understand the deeper aspects of yoga.

SOS — Science Of Self
SOS uses Dharma Yoga as its foundation while incorporating elements and techniques from Chinese Medicine, including acupressure points and the science of organs and the meridians to enhance both the physical and the energetic body. You will leave the class recharged and healed from the inside and out!


Kundalini Yoga
Originally taught by Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini Yoga is a powerful practice using kriyas - sequences - with an aim to create specific effects physically, mentally and emotionally. Apart from the asanas - which in many cases can be very different from traditional Hatha Yoga - and the related breath work, each class will also include a meditation.


Psychic Development
A deeply healing series of inner practices which include chanting, meditation, pranayama, mudras, visualisations and projections. The session will provide the student with great clarity, energy and peace of mind. It purifies the physical, mental and emotional bodies and allow us to access our True Self. This is an incredibly important element in the Dharma Yoga lineage.