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Marah Arcilla

Marah has been dancing since the age of five. She brings her understanding and awareness of the body, discipline, patience, commitment and dedication to her practice and classes. Marah started teaching yoga in 2009 after training with Patrick Creelman. Later, through the generous guidance of her teachers Ross Rayburn and Carlos Pomeda she found her unique teaching voice and intentions as a teacher. She has since taught for several Hong Kong studios as well as leading workshops and retreats internationally.

In her classes Marah helps students engage with everyday practice while systematically developing the technique, strength and confidence needed for more advanced postures. She has a particular gift for fostering a sense of community and connection amongst her students. Marah continues to travel around the world learning about yoga, dance, biomechanics and somatics as a way to inspire, nurture and hone the art of teaching.
Classes & private trainings
Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga is the most popular style of yoga in the Western world. It is the foundation of all movement-based modern yoga. Hatha is a great introduction to Yoga for Beginners because it instils a basic understanding of how to practice safely and effectively. Its benefits are significant relief from stress, chronic pain, depression, anxiety and self defeating thoughts. It also helps increase focus, concentration, attention to detail, and ability to complete tasks in the world.

Yoga Therapy
Because of our modern lifestyles we often use our joints and muscles either excessively or improperly. This class will not only help us to reduce tension and stiffness from the joint but also strengthens our joints and muscles, making all other physical activity easier.

Restorative Yoga
Suitable for all levels
Our bodies have an innate ability to relax given the right circumstances. Restorative yoga uses a series of easy, supported poses held for a long time under the right conditions to allow the nervous system to shift from "fight or flight" mode into maximum relaxation. Students are encouraged to find ways to be present to their breath so that they may unravel deep levels of stress and tension. In this class students will be guided through relaxing breath practices and will use many props as needed (bolsters, blankets, blocks & chairs) in order to create total ease and comfort.

Movement Basics
A great starting point for new practitioners to Movement Culture, this foundation class focuses on bodyweight strength, mobility, coordination, fluidity of movement. These sessions combine theory with movement practice and partner movement drills. Movement Basics promotes somatic awareness and encourages more graceful, powerful, balanced, efficient, creative and enjoyable movement!

Movement Therapy
Movement Therapy is a gentle slow-paced movement practice for all levels. Focusing on functional mobility and relaxed coordination the practice facilitates the development of body awareness. Movements performed both lying down and standing, this session is especially recommended for those with with injuries or chronic tension in the body and mind.