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Resham Daswani
Resham is a spiritual seeker committed to conscious evolution. Growing up in Hong Kong and raised in the Hindu tradition, she has been always been connected to rituals and ceremonies of the East. Her deep reverence for nature and passion for the workings of the universe sparked her interest in yoga and meditation at a young age. Her studies of ancient texts and scriptures guided her towards the lineage of Cha Dao taught by her teacher Wu De, in Taiwan. She has since returned to Hong Kong with a dedication to share an awakening of harmony through Tea Ceremony, so others too can explore and discover the sacred benefits of the Leaf.

Resham also practices Vipassana Meditation (S.N. Goenka) and Shiv Yog Sadhna Meditation (Avdhoot Baba Shivanand). She is the co-founder of The Garden Gathering — retreats and gatherings for women to nurture sisterhood and ceremony while cultivating sustainability and living in harmony with our Mother Earth.
Classes & private trainings
Cha Dao Tea Ceremony
Cha Dao or ''The Way of Tea'' is a path to the meditative mind. A Tea Ceremony is a dance of the elements as earth, fire, water, air and Qi of Tea, come together to create space for meditation and reflection. We experience Tea as a plant teacher, which connects us to the energy of nature through the Leaf. As we drink, we are guided and healed in mind, body and spirit and rejuvenated with clarity and peace.

Basic Principles of Brewing Tea
This tea brewing workshop teaches some of the basic principles of serving simple Bowl Tea. We will learn about the lineage these methods have evolved from and the foundation of cultivating a personal tea practice at home. You will leave this space with a deeper understanding of the tradition of Cha Dao.

Zen and Tea One Flavour — Culture Series
An evening of sharing tea and mindful discussion. We will share tea and discuss topics from what is a meditation practice to the sutras of the Leaf and what it means to live a life of Tea and Zen.