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Rosalie e'Silva
Rosalie is an international journalist and yoga teacher. Originally from Namibia, she has lived all over the world and now calls Hong Kong home. It was during her time as a TV journalist that Rosalie turned to meditation to help cope with the pressures of working in live television. She is passionate about sharing the transformative power of yoga nidra.
Classes & private trainings
Yoga Nidra
Also known as yogic sleep, yoga nidra is one of the deepest forms of meditation. It is a combination of allowing your body to relax while you keep your mind awake and alert. By doing this, you reach a profound state of relaxation. Relaxation is only the beginning — yoga nidra can truly transform your life. It allows you to access to your subconscious mind and open the door to your inner world.

This yoga nidra class will help you:
– Feel completely relaxed, refreshed and clear
– Dissolve stress and tension
– Allow insights and messages to come forth

The session will begin with gentle stretches, designed to open up the body and release tension. You will then find a comfortable, lying position as Rosalie guides you through this transformative practice.
Expect to emerge feeling refreshed, clear and deeply relaxed.