Workplace Wellness Days at Fivelements Habitat
We invite you to experience a day of shared wellness, healing and inspiration
Fivelements' dedicated wellness retreat features holistic wellness therapies and bespoke executive wellness programmes aimed at rejuvenation, alignment and high performance.

At Fivelements, we recognise that optimal wellness comes from honouring body, mind, and spirit, where health is the reflection of the integrity and harmony within. We believe health and wellness are intricately linked with productivity and performance, and thus, our spaces, facilities and holistic integrative services are specially designed to evoke new awareness, inspiration and a deeper connection to self and others.
Facilities & Highlights
Retreat in the serene atmosphere of Fivelements, Hong Kong, and embark upon a new journey into Balinese-inspired wellness, nurturing harmony in our lives.

  • Exclusive Wellness Suites
  • Water Healing — Hong Kong's first-ever watsu pool for profoundly transformative water therapy
  • Sacred Arts — a creative space for yoga, meditation, martial arts, sound, movement and other transformative practices
  • Consultation Suite
  • Wellness Lounge
  • Sakti Dining Room™ featuring epicurean, plant-based cuisine, 40 seats
  • Royal Tea Lounge, featuring Fivelements Signature Teas & Blends and other artisanal selections, 20 seats
  • Luxurious Royal Wellness Suites
  • Signature Gallery

Fivelements Executive Wellness programmes aim to support participants in embodying and reaching new levels of self-awareness, effective communication and a greater respect for themselves and their team members.
We offer tailor-made days or retreat stays for your group's intentions, which combine the following:

  • Balinese-inspired wellness rituals for rejuvenation, balancing and regeneration
  • Plant-based cuisine for health, performance and longevity
  • Sacred Arts practices for inner strength, alignment and dedication
We invite you to experience greater wellness and inspiration.

Our Wellness Team is pleased to guide you in selecting the most suitable treatments and experiences for your needs, whether choosing from one of our bespoke wellness programmes, a la carte private sessions or scheduled group classes.

Please contact our Wellness Concierge for reservations and class schedules.
3 HOURS / Private groups up to 24
Fivelements Signature Day
We invite you to tailor-made days & retreat stays for your group's. Experience greater wellness and inspiration.

  • Wellness Lounge - Private Tour and Q & A (30 min)
  • Talk (90 min)
  • Lunch at our Sakti Elixir Lounge (60 min)
3.5 or 5 HOURS / Private groups up to 24
Awakening Inner Power
Experience a reflective journey for cultivating greater peace, inner strength, and a deeper connection with self. Awaken newfound freedom and joy.

  • Choice of one Private Group Sacred Arts Session: Yoga, Mindfulness, Sound, Movement, Core (60 min)
  • Lunch or Dinner at our Sakti Elixir Lounge (60 min)
2.5 or 4 HOURS / Private groups up to 24
Mindful Tea Journey
Enter a space of meditation and reflection as the elements of earth, fire, water, air and Qi of Tea come together in this ancient Cha Dao tea ceremony.

  • Cha Dao Tea Ceremony (90 min)
  • Lunch or Dinner at our Sakti Elixir Lounge (60 min)
2.5 or 4 HOURS / Private groups up to 24
A Culinary Journey
Enjoy an inspiring morning as our Chef takes you on an eye-opening culinary exploration aimed at nurturing body, mind and soul. Learn how to prepare great tasting healthy food sure to delight a range of palates.

  • Nutrition (90 min)
  • Lunch or Dinner at our Sakti Elixir Lounge (60 min)