Sacred Arts Private Sessions at Fivelements Habitat

Deepen your practice with personalised guidance from our family of Sacred Artists skilled in Yoga, Mindfulness, Tea, Sound, Movement and Core Conditioning
At Fivelements Habitat, we offer an integrative wellness approach bridging traditional wisdom with transformative Sacred Arts modalities. We invite you to explore new ways to cultivate inner peace and power and deepen your connection with others.

Yoga | Private sessions

Yoga offers a path to personal fulfilment, greater awareness and self-love, which in turn, brings ease in the body and peacefulness in the mind. Be guided through artfully sequenced movements complemented by controlled breathing techniques which help purify and restore the body's vital energy source.
Yoga Alignment with Ankie Beilke | Freddie Wong | May Nogoy
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

All levels welcome.
This is a grounding and safe approach to yoga that teaches foundational principles of intelligent action through various breath and alignment centred asanas supporting freedom and flexibility in the body and mind. The practice may include pranayama, chanting, meditation, and the use of yoga props.
Introduction to AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga with Tamer Begum
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

This introductory class is most suitable for new students and those who are looking to take their mat practice to new heights. Students will become familiar with the Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock and the new sensations associated with inversions while building knowledge of foundational movements essential to progression in the practice. The movements are broken down incrementally for safety, while learning how to incorporate zero-compression inversions, mobility, suspended stretching, levitating meditations and FUN!

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for Hammock adjustments.
For personal hygiene and your comfort, please wear a shirt with sleeves.
AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga with Freddie Wong | Rebecca Jean Wong
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

Suitable for those with some AntiGravity experience.
Explore moving in all directions of open space with the Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock as you fly and soar your way to greater health & well being. Through meditation, pranayama, and asana postures, this class builds upper body strength, core strength, flexibility, mobility; it includes a variety of zero compression inversions and aerial levitations.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for Hammock adjustments.
For personal hygiene and your comfort, please wear a shirt with sleeves.

AntiGravity® Cocooning with Freddie Wong
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

AntiGravity® Cocooning begins with basic stretching and mobility sequences before placing you into the Cocoon for a guided meditation akin to a power nap. According to the National Sleep Foundation, research shows that naps can restore alertness, enhance performance, and reduce mistakes and accidents. A study at NASA on military pilots and astronauts found that a 40-minute nap improved performance by 34% and alertness by 100%. A 15 minute nap can make up for a poor night's sleep. A nap can be a pleasant luxury, a mini-vacation. It can provide an easy way to get some relaxation and rejuvenation, and has psychological benefits as well.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for Hammock adjustments.
For personal hygiene and your comfort, please wear a shirt with sleeves.
AntiGravity® Restorative Yoga with Freddie Wong | Tamer Begum
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

This is the gentle, meditative, slow stretching and rehabilitative version of AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga. This approach is perfect for beginners or for those who like an approach that gives you time to tune in at a deep level. This unique method focuses the mind through powerful visualisations as you float through a series of gentle gyro-kinetic motions, deeply opening the entire spine, hips, and connective tissues of the body.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for Hammock adjustments.
For personal hygiene and your comfort, please wear a shirt with sleeves.
AntiGravity® Stretch & Release with Freddie Wong
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

Suitable for all levels
AntiGravity® Restorative Yoga is the gentle, meditative, slow stretching and rehabilitative version of AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga. This nurturing class is perfect for those in recovery mode or like to tune in at a deep level. The unique method focuses the mind through powerful visualisations as you float through a series of gentle gyro-kinetic motions, deeply opening the entire spine, hips, and connective tissues of the body. This technique features full body inversions, alongside various forms of flowing spinal traction with the Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock height is lowered much closer to the mat for greater accessibility and relaxation.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for Hammock adjustments.
For personal hygiene and your comfort, please wear a shirt with sleeves.
Ashtanga Mysore Yoga with Arvind Singh
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

A highly energetic style of yoga synchronising breath with movements. The asanas are linked by vinyasas, or flowing movements. Originally taught in Mysore by K. Pattabhi Jois, the approach has given rise to various other styles including Power Yoga.
Dharma Yoga with Delia Leung | Joakim Olin
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

Suitable for all levels
Dharma Yoga is a graceful, accessible yet challenging form of yoga shared by yoga legend Sri Dharma Mitra. Each class offers a well-rounded practice for the entire body and mind, including hip openers, arm balances, back bends, forward folds, twists, inversions, pranayama, chanting, purification techniques, breathing visualisation, and meditation. Both liberating and playful, Dharma Yoga offers students freedom while enjoying the powerful group energy and the teacher's guidance. At its core Dharma Yoga is a deeply healing and devotional practice that focuses on good health, a clear mind and a kind heart.
Hatha Yoga with Arvind Singh | Marah Archilla
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

Hatha Yoga is the foundation of all movement-based modern yoga. Hatha is a great introduction to Yoga for Beginners because it instils a basic understanding of how to practice safely and effectively. Its benefits are significant relief from stress, chronic pain, depression, anxiety and self defeating thoughts. It also helps increase focus, concentration, attention to detail, and ability to complete tasks in the world.
Inside Flow with Rebecca Jean Wong
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

Inside Flow marries music with movement. The class integrates yoga and dance, where you move to the beat of music and the rhythm carries the flow of the class. You will flow to curated sequences set to slow, fast, and upbeat songs selected from genres ranging from electro pop to hip hop to pop! Feel your body groove to the music, let go, and flow.
Moving Arts Yoga Flow with May Nogoy | Sophia Greengrass
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

This is an immersive multimedia experience in our Moving Arts studio featuring wall projections that create a captivating visual surround-scape. Flow through a guided yoga practice as you are transported to other realms and journey within.
Power Inversions with Victor Chau
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

Power in Inversions is a vinyasa style yoga practice with an emphasis on going upside down, combining yoga, core conditioning, calisthenics and hand balancing. It is a complete system of practice that strengthens the body, mind and spirit. Your body will flow like water but with control. It is a challenging and yet accessible practice that is suitable for everyone with any level of fitness and background. Power in Inversions offers various progressions to motivate anyone to conquer their fear and become a better versions about themselves.
Restorative Yoga with Charlotte Douglas | Marah Archilla
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

Our bodies have an innate ability to relax given the right circumstances. Restorative yoga uses a series of easy, supported poses held for a long time under the right conditions and with the use of yoga props to allow the nervous system to shift from "fight or flight" mode into maximum relaxation. Students are encouraged to find ways to be present to their breath so that they may unravel deep levels of stress and tension.
Therapeutic Vinyasa Flow with Charlotte Douglas
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

In this breath-centered practice you will be guided through gentle vinyasa sequences designed to connect you to your body and mind. A steady and easeful breath allows the body to find its natural alignment without force and facilitate an unwinding of tension. The aim is to empower students to see that the greatest challenge lies in our ability to be present to our needs rather than how far we can enter into a posture. While the class is ideal for those who have injuries and/or are looking for a safer way to practice yoga, experienced students with no health issues who are looking to unwind and de-stress will equally benefit.
Yin Yoga with Natalie Soderstrom | Siobhan Dumigan
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

Yin represents all that is feminine, dark, passive, receptive and reflective. Movements are slow paced with long holds to reach areas rich in connective tissues and to increase circulation in joints. This is a journey inwards and more meditative practice to regulate the body's flow of energy.
Yin Yang Yoga with Natalie Soderstrom
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

Balance the yin and the yang elements within our bodies. Find harmony and peace. This practice combines slow paced yin yoga with the traditional yang yoga, improving your energy while promoting relaxation and healing.
Yoga Therapy Private with Charlotte Douglas | Marah Archilla
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

Suitable to all levels
When we step on to a yoga mat we step into a relationship with ourselves. Through this we form deeper connections to the body, the breath and ultimately to ourselves. Traditionally yoga was taught on a one to one basis and designed to be therapeutic, the optimal way to adapt the practice to the individual. During the practice the student may explore the full holistic and therapeutic applications of the practice in an intimate and private setting.

Mindfulness | Private sessions

Meditation and Mindfulness enable us to cultivate a heightened sense of awareness that allows us to be more present, to move in the world with greater ease and flexibility. Embraced in daily ritual, these practices nourish our soul and promote greater relaxation, patience and alignment as well as improve immunity, mental clarity and cellular regeneration.
The Art of Ease with Jennifer Yip
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

These sessions explore creating perfect balance in life. With an open mind we connect to the heart and find an approach to greater ease in diet, relationship, spirituality, and financial abundance. Mindfulness, self-coaching techniques, breathing exercises and easy meditation practices support you to release current stress and manifest the future you want.
"Easy is right." — Chuang Tzu
Breath Mastery with Brian Lai
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

Accomplish more, stress less and live life fully. How we breathe is the secret key to our physical, mental and emotional states. For 90% of the population their breathing is actually limiting them. Being able to understand and use our breathing to switch from a reactive state to a proactive state is a vital skill to develop if you want to optimize your health, happiness and human performance. Join Brian for a Breath Mastery session and learn how to use practical breathing techniques to give you that edge in life. You will leave with important skills that can improve your physical, mental and emotional health and upgrade your ability to handle life's stresses and curveballs.
Inner Balance Meditation with Gretchell Yaneza
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

The class starts with an introduction to Inner Balance Meditation. The facilitator will intuit the needs of the participants and utilise natural movement, breathing, energy healing facilitation and relaxation techniques to gently guide participants into relaxation and inner silence. This creates the space for meditation to happen naturally.
Mindful Meditation with Natalie Soderstrom
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

Our asana practice leads us to our meditation practice. We begin with light stretches to find release, to then sit down and turn inwards. Mindfulness is a way of paying attention in a particular way— in the present moment, on purpose and non-judgmentally. Relieve the suffering caused by avoiding and resisting the natural experiences of life and through that develop wisdom and equanimity.
Pranayama & Meditation with Delia Leung
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

Meditation is an art and is also an exercise for the mind. Pranayama, yogic breathing will be introduced in the guided meditation session, through which one will also work on various concentration exercises that lead to equanimity. Experiences of deep relaxation and mental clarity will come with regular practice. Through meditation one purifies the physical body as well as revitalises the mental body. Some basic physical postures for relaxation may be introduced.
TRE® — Tension Release with Anne Cousin
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

This is a highly effective way to release stress and muscle tension (physical or emotional), as well as unwinding the knots in your muscles and fascia, the body's connective tissue. As a result you increase your resilience as well as your sensation of peace and wellbeing. A series of gentle exercises will help achieve a natural relaxation reflex called the neurogenic tremor. When this inbuilt relaxation response has been activated, your system's natural intelligence starts a process of restoring balance and relaxation to the body.

Tea | Private sessions

Cha Dao or "The Way of Tea" is a path to the meditative mind. A tea ceremony is a dance of the five elements, which come together to create space for reflection and clarity. We introduce daily offerings of 'bowl tea', workshops and events to explore a deeper relationship with Tea as our connection to nature and means of cultivating inner harmony and transformation.
Tea Ceremony Meditation with May Nogoy | Resham Daswani
75 MIN
1-2 guests — HKD 1.600
Additional guest — HKD 800

Cha Dao, or the Way of Tea, offers us the space to remember our connection to nature. This offering will introduce 'bowl tea' and the essence of simplicity and meditation. We will share tea together in silence and connect to this plant teacher as a bridge to the meditative mind as we cultivate inner harmony and awakened presence. There will be an introduction and understanding to the approach of tea as meditation, and space for discussion, reflection and questions at the end.
Three Bowls of Tea with May Nogoy | Resham Daswani
45 MIN
1-2 guests — HKD 1.100
Additional guest — HKD 550

The making and sharing of a few bowls of Tea gives rise to a profound experience expressing a spectrum of beauty found in the mundane. This introductory offering is an interlude of a tea ceremony where one may enter into calm and stillness as they embark on a journey towards the awakened mind. Tea will be shared in silence and there will be a few moments for reflections at the end. A perfect pause to hear the wind between the pines in the kettle or to be added on to another practice.
Mindful Tea Tasting with Resham Daswani
60 MIN
1-2 guests — HKD 1.350
Additional guest — HKD 675

Tea has a long, historical tradition of being brewed as mindful practice by Zen Monks. In this offering we will experience a sensory journey and an approach to mindfulness as we intentionally slow down and arrive at the present moment with a cup of Tea. Each offering will introduce between 2-3 teas and we will discover the elegance and sophistication of different teas and teaware, exploring the qualities that make a fine cup of tea. Tea is an art where we may find extraordinary beauty and spirit when we pay attention to the intimate experience of being with the tea.
Introduction to Cha Dao Workshop with Resham Daswani
120 MIN
1-2 guests — HKD 2.725
Additional guest — HKD 1.365

This workshop is an introduction to the practice of 'Cha Dao' - The Way of Tea. We will share bowls of tea and begin to unpack the history, lore and tradition of Tea Ceremony which was first shared by Zen Monks, and discuss what it means to live a life of Tea. We will learn about the tradition of Tea as a medicine to cultivate an equanimous mind. The basic brewing methods and tools needed to incorporate Tea as a daily ritual practice will also be shared.

Sound | Private sessions

Nada Yoga is an ancient spiritual art and science of inner transformation through sound and tone. These sacred sound sessions offer a sensation of being bathed in sound with a warmth and love intended to nurture healing and wellbeing.
CandleLit Yoga with Crystal Singing Bowl with Malbert Lee
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

This is an ultra Zen yoga and sound experience. Slow down from busy life with gentle yin and restorative yoga to the sound of crystal singing bowls followed by 30 minutes of relaxation. The angelic crystal tones can ease your mind and help in releasing muscle tension. The soothing candlelit ambient environment reduces the exposure to electric light which overly stimulates the brain and affects sleep quality. The session is a perfect way to remove stress in our hectic city life and create space for energy to flow freely in your body.
Crystalline Sound Relaxation with Malbert Lee
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

Immerse yourself in the sound current of alchemy bowls. Disconnect from the hustle and bustle of life and reconnect to your inner self. Other sacred instruments such as the gong and chimes are included to create a tranquil soundscape for a blissful physical and emotional experience. The purity of sound will lighten your mind and body, giving you a sense of balance, clarity and harmony.
Gong Bath Relaxation with Malbert Lee
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

Relax your mind and body to the sound current of gongs and crystal singing bowls. The gong sound vibration will calm your mind and restore your body physically and energetically while the purity of crystal bowls gives you a sense of clarity and harmony. A tranquil soundscape soothes and rejuvenates.

Movement | Private sessions

Movement and mobility, martial arts and expressive dance are meaningful pathways to awaken creativity, improve lucid thoughts, concentration and joy. Graceful yet simple movements combine with breath to direct life energy through the body to enhance internal balance, circulation, immunity and overall healing as well as prevention.
Do-In Taoist Movement with Anne Cousin
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

Do-In Taoist exercises and self-massage for health.
Do-In combines gentle and effective stretching and movements, with meditative and breathing techniques as well as self-massage. Stemming from Taoism and Chinese Medicine, these unique exercises activate and balance the circulation of life force through the body's energetic pathways, the meridians. Beneficial for athletes and also suitable for the less active, participants will notice improved flexibility, joint condition, blood circulation, body balance and body-mind connection. Do-in improves one's energy level, mental focus and clarity.
Guided Movement and Journaling with Siobhan Dumigan
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

Free yourself of unnecessary suffering through guided movement and journaling. Allow yourself to flow through movement and words. We all have all the answers we are looking for. Seek inwards. Allow the time and space for your inner voice to speak and to be heard. Hear and connect with your truth.
Movement Therapy with Siobhan Dumigan | Marah Archilla
90 MIN — HKD 1.975

Movement Therapy is a gentle slow-paced movement practice for all levels. Focusing on functional mobility and relaxed coordination the practice facilitates the development of body awareness. Movements performed both lying down and standing, this session is especially recommended for those with with injuries or chronic tension in the body and mind.
Phoenix Qigong with Master Joe Lok
90 MIN — HKD 1.975

Learn the art of Qigong from Master Lok for vibrant health and wellbeing.
Dao Yin (Qigong) is a Taoist healing art dating back thousands of years to as early as the Han Dynasty of China. Graceful yet simple movements combine with breath to direct life energy through the body to enhance internal balance. Master Lok's skilful guidance emphasises precision of movement in order to sense and guide the chi flow through the body and to the organs. Proper chi flow is considered responsible for proper circulation, improving immunity and speeding healing. As Master Lok says, "Prevention of illness is better than treatment. Natural healing through Qigong is better than any medication. The practice of qigong ensures health and fitness for a lifetime."

Core | Private sessions

Core conditioning offers alternative exercise or workout focused on a balance of strength and flexibility, including Pilates, Barre and TRE tension release and other modalities. Empower your practice with active, safe and sustainable core conditioning regimes which combine elements of dance and yoga, to both strengthen and enhance mobility in the body.
Barre Bootcamp with Hayley Lief | Karen Lim | Sonya Heera
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

This mixed levels class uses the foundation of BarreAmped combined with cardio intervals (1-2 minutes long). This program relies on high-intensity interval training or HIIT, which has been proven to burn fat faster than sustained endurance training, making it suitable for all fitness levels. BarreAmped Bootcamp will shake up your workout! This class is the most fun & effective way to burn fat, lose weight and change your body.
Barre Mixed with Hayley Lief | Karen Lim | Sonya Heera
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

This is the best class to develop your barre technique while building strength, stability and stamina. Think ballet-infused, strength and cardio training in a studio setting with the best playlists & barre crew to help get you through the jelly-leg inducing muscle-burn. It's fun and the class flows quickly, giving you a full body workout in less than an hour. It's safe and sustainable - hard on your muscles, but easy on the joints. This is a great class for all, from.beginners to advanced.
Mat Pilates with Hayley Lief | Siobhan Dumigan
60 MIN — HKD 1.725

The session is a great way to stretch and strengthen the body, to keep it healthy and injury free. Mat Pilates exercises are extremely functional and focus on strengthening the core or "powerhouse", as Joseph Pilates called it. Joseph Pilates developed this exercise methodology in the early 1900s, borrowing from disciplines such as dance, yoga and classic calisthenics. The benefit of Mat Pilates is that it can be done anywhere and you can take your favourite exercises with you wherever you go. For those who suffer from back pain, Mat Pilates techniques are known to both prevent and reduce these back issues.
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