Holistic Wellness Consultations at Fivelements Habitat

Holistic Wellness Consultations focus on enhancing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being
Approaches include our Fivelements Signature Wellness Consultation, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Life Coaching and Yogic Counselling. Gain insight into your health and recommendations for resolving health issues, reducing stress, achieving your ideal weight, detoxification and more through lifestyle and other holistic practices for healthy, vibrant living.
60 MIN — HKD 1.380
Fivelements Wellness Consultation
Our consultation and personalised wellness programme for optimal health.

Whether your goals relate to health, appearance, enhanced mood and energy levels, we offer a wellness programme based on Fivelements therapies, sessions, and lifestyle guidance. Following a health and lifestyle questionnaire, enjoy an informal discussion with our Wellness Liaison about your current situation and wellbeing goals. This open sharing and intuitive consultation provides the framework for identifying and understanding physical, mental, emotional areas of your life which could benefit from additional attention and support. From here we develop a custommade Fivelements programme including relevant treatments and sessions with our committed team of therapists, as well as tools and strategies for healthier living. As you move through this collaborative programme, a gradual discovery and healing process naturally unfolds leading to greater harmony of mind, body and spirit, enhancing your health and quality of life.
90 MIN — HKD 2.875
Ayurvedic Consultation with Vinod Sharma
Ayurveda, the Science of Life, is an ancient and timeless approach to health through balanced living. A consultation begins with a traditional Ayurvedic Pulse Reading which reveals your unique nature— the constitution that makes you who you are. By reading your Ayurvedic Pulse, Vinod offers you insight into your physical make up, thought processes, emotions, and even the way you deal with life. A pulse reading also detects any physiological or psychological imbalances that you are experiencing. The consultation continues as Vinod scans the chakras and the auras, reading the condition of your energetic system. With a thorough understanding of your condition, Vinod recommends the necessary steps to bring your system back into balance — guidelines for diet, lifestyle, and specific Yoga practices to follow for at least 6 weeks to help restore balance and good health.

About Vinod Sharma
Vinod Sharma was born in India, into a Brahmin family, and comes from a lineage of priests and healers. He is well versed in the ancient medical science of Ayurveda (particularly in the traditional art of Pulse Reading), Ayurvedic Panchakarma (rejuvenative therapies), Chakra Healing, Yoga, Homeopathic/Biochemic Remedies & Reflexology. As a Reiki Grandmaster, he has an exceptional understanding of the human energy field. Vinod has traveled widely, conducting seminars and Ayurvedic consultations worldwide. Using his wealth of experience in Ayurveda and Yoga, combined with his highly intuitive abilities, Vinod has obtained dramatic results with respiratory, digestive, and reproductive issues (infertility, PMS, cysts, etc.), neurological problems (sleeping disorders, panic attacks, depression, etc.), skin diseases, obesity, joint/back pain, migraine and more. His clients are from all walks of life, ranging from newborns to those over 80. His passion is to help everyone achieve vibrant health!
60 MIN — HKD 1.725
Life Coaching with Jennifer Yip
This coaching session assists you to achieve mental balance in work, relationships and your personal life. With easy mindfulness practice involving guided meditation, emotion management techniques and shadow work, we transform stress into freedom, joy and peace.

About Jennifer Yip
Jennifer is a passionate holistic mindfulness coach, breath-work facilitator, as well as a creative director in the corporate world. Her goal is to support all individuals on achieving a stress-free life they deserve. She is the founder of "Living Life with Jen" a platform she created to serve, based on her core belief— "the best part of life is living it!" She inspires clients to be a warrior through all emotions, to be the winner in fear and to be the ambassador of light and love in every moment. "I'm the bridge connecting you and your soul. I'm the light who helps you discover the heaven inside you.
60 MIN — HKD 1.875 (FOLLOW UP)
Food & Well-Being with Teressa Siu
Your journey with Teressa begins with a food journal. You will discover indicators that reflect your constitution, emotional, physical and mental health. Based on the initial health assessment and this "evidence", you will decide which part of your life you want to enhance. While clients often come to Teressa for nutritional guidance or culinary training, a review of food habits often brings surprises and at times highlights a need for emotional healing or lifestyle change. The ultimate goal of her consultation is to help clients "stay sane in this insane world" with accessible holistic tools. Using her integrative holistic toolbox Teressa prescribes lifestyle medicines to suit clients' needs including food, nutrition, yoga, movement, or stillness. Teressa also heals through conversation and helps her clients reset, re-energise and rebalance their body and emotions with energetic kinesiology and by helping clients to neutralise negative memories.

About Teressa Siu
Teressa is a wellness advocate on and off camera as an award-winning journalist, wellness speaker, certified yoga teacher, holistic health coach and Raw Foods Chef. She believes food is the gateway to health and that a nutrition conscious health education is the core foundation for overall well-being. Teressa uses food as a catalyst to help people better understand their health and to create transformation, love and happiness. She advocates food as "medicine" for better health. Teressa specialises in promoting wellness education in Asia and globally through speaking engagements and media interviews about wellness and food matters. Amongst other awards, in 2017 she was named as one of the 50 Outstanding Women in Health Care by the Health & Wellness Congress for her contributions in broadcast media health.
30 MIN — HKD 1.100 (FOLLOW UP)
Homeopathy Consultation with Charlotte Douglas
Homeopathy is a very gentle form of energy medicine that can either work independently or as complementary healthcare. Homeopathy addresses the whole person, taking into account your emotional and physical well-being with an individualised treatment plan. Treatment consists of specially prepared medicines or 'remedies' as well as herbal tinctures, flower essences, tissue salts and nutrition to support under-functioning organs and systems and to stimulate the body's own healing mechanisms. Homeopathy is able to help with all kinds of emotional and physical ailments including acute or chronic problems such as allergies, anxiety, stress, depression, PMT, asthma, chronic fatigue, colic, coughs, colds, digestion problems, eczema, hay fever, headaches, insomnia, and more. The eventual aim is a permanent cure. Consultations are one-on-one and in-depth. Charlotte takes time to build up a full case history so that the most suitable diagnosis and prescription can be achieved.

About Charlotte Douglas
Charlotte Douglas is an experienced homeopath who was trained in one of the largest colleges in the UK. She came to Hong Kong in the spring of 2009, leaving behind her a busy practice in London. Her training was grounded in practical homeopathy. Charlotte believes that wellness is a continuum and that throughout our lives our physical, mental and emotional energy can fluctuate. Natural medicines can empower us to be more responsible & more in-tune with how we are feeling on a moment to moment basis. Charlotte is also a trained yoga therapist and teaches both private and group classes at Fivelements Habitat.
60 MIN — HKD 1.725
Yogic Counselling with Arvind Singh
If you are carrying baggage of fear, anxiety, and stress from several years, not able to deal with daily life situation joyfully, then yogic counselling will offer you great relief, helping you to eliminate the above issues but also giving you direction towards higher achievement — discovering and finding yourself.

About Arvind Singh
Arvind started his yoga journey at the age of 5, gaining insight and experience through contact with great yogis, saint and sages. Teaching since 2000, Arvind's aim is to help students reach their individual potential. While focused on physical body alignment and correct of postures, he is also committed to helping students achieve physiological and psychological health through the science of asana and pranayama. Under his guidance students have achieved strength, stamina, flexibility, and weight loss, as well as relief from physical and mental stress, joint pain, arthritis and lung-related disorders. Arvind believes that practising asana is only the starting point of one's yoga life, leading to other aspects of yoga as path to self-actualisation.
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