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Introducing Fivelements Soundscapes

Fivelements Habitat Soundscapes – the ultimate in urban balance

Clear, quick and creative – that's how we want our brains to be. Firing on all cylinders and ready to help us negotiate our daily lives, solving problems, retrieving information and coming up with brilliant ideas.

It's not always easy to feel cerebrally fueled up and ready to go when living in a city as full of daily challenges, instant decisions and background din as Hong Kong. Fatigue, brain fog and fear are common issues within urban environments. But it doesn't have to be that way.
Fivelements Habitat Soundscapes cuts through the noise, the distractions, the overwhelm. They can calm and quiet the mind, allowing your overworked neural network to take the pressure down a notch.

The brain's billions of neurons can then recharge and harmonize. Before you know it your synapses will be firing in synchrony, your mind, mood and thoughts achieving the clarity, speed and creativity that will help you fulfill your full potential.
Fivelements Habitat will offer 20-minute sessions with and without mindfulness and movement sacred artist facilitators.

"Using this space is a game changer for Hong Kong," says Mauro Raffelini, Italian Light & Sound Designer on Fivelements Design Team. "Whether you are fresh to wellness or well practiced already, the recipe of sound and screen in our Soundscapes can boost the brain, creativity and intuition or uplift, with surges of positive energy. In just 10 minutes guests will already feel the benefits of relieved stress. It really is incredibly effective."

It's all about electricity

Different electric waves bring different specific benefits to the brain.

Soundscapes 1 and 2 work at 417 Hz, which is ideal for improving the memory, both storage and recall, and boosting your brain's potential for an all-round feeling of extra brain power.

Soundscapes 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 lie at 432 Hz, which means they activate your higher mind and help you expand your inner consciousness, ideal for when you have life decisions to make or new paths to follow.

Soundscapes 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 fall on the scale at 852 Hz, and open the third eye. Use these classes to raise your energy vibration, intuition and insights.

Soundscapes 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 hover around 528 Hz. Supremely uplifting, they help remove negative emotions, banish anxiety and bring about a surge of positive energy.

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Binaural Beats therapy

Love the inner peace that comes with meditation? Fast track yourself to that sweet spot with Binaural Beats. These are, essentially, auditory illusions and can induce a similar brainwave pattern and therefore mental state as meditation.

Binaural Beats take your brain on a journey through sound waves too, from conscious Beta and subconscious Theta, through Alpha to boost creativity and into deep sleep Delta.
Benefits include:
  • Quieting stress and anxiety for inner calm and combating depression
  • Increasing focus, mental clarity, concentration and motivation for boosted productivity
  • Strengthening confidence and mood for additional resilience
  • Better psychomotor performance
  • Enhancing general wellbeing and a sense of recharge
  • And deeper meditation
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