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Living in harmony – by Gove De Puy, Environmental Liaison

I don't pretend to be an expert in any discipline but the below is what works for me.
Finding balance with running and yoga
What's working for me right now is running. I tend to run four or five times a week and like it most in the morning as it means I know I'll have a good day. But if I can't I'll head out around 5pm when it cools off a little.

I keep a balance between running and yoga. My wife organises the yoga classes for Green School just across river from where we live. So I drop my daughter off to school and drive over to yoga. And I can really feel the difference.
So, sometimes it's a run and sometimes it's yoga that will do it. Sometimes it's about getting excess energy out by being active and sometimes it's sitting with yourselffor a little stretching and being.

While I find yoga more mindful and running more active, I don't take music when I run. I like to be in my thoughts. If there's something I have to get going with for the day but haven't thought about it, on my run is the perfect time to run it through my head. Then once I start work it's all ready.
Living and eating with nature
I'm not runner who tries to keep going at all cost. I'll stop if I feel like it, because running is also about being outside, stopping to notice a bird and see where its nest is. Also, I like being where I am, rather than having music taking me somewhere else.

We have a full garden here, so while I pull things out of the fridge for my juices and smoothies, I always try to get something fresh out of the garden. For example, Balinese herbs are growing all over the property, like Centella Asiatica (also known as Gotu Kola in India). It tastes slightly peanutty. We also have citrus fruit. I just go out and see what's there and throw it in. And while juices are a morning thing, I go for smoothies in the second half of the day in place of a snack, usually a mix of berries and yoghurt.
Music to lift energy and mood – for the whole family
If my mood is ever not quite right, music is always a huge help. In the house in the afternoon if I'm working and getting sick of it, it's, "Ok! Time to start making dinner and put some music on." It changes the mood. Not just my mood but also that of my family. When the music's on and food starts to be cooked the rest of the family come out from their corners, and we might end up dancing and playing around to the music while we prepare the meal.
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