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Living in harmony – by May Nogoy, Wellness Curator

Finding yourself – Living in the city

By May Nogoy
Wellness Curator, Fivelements Habitats / Co-Founder of The Garden Gathering
Diving deeply towards the understanding of self requires certain levels of discernment. And when we devote energy to knowing ourselves, it becomes easier to meet our own levels of wellbeing with the right care and attention so we can make the right choices for ourselves.

Yes, it is important to keep the body clean, nourished, expressed, rested, and alive for the sake of fulfilling this purposeful life. Practicing preventative healing, listening to the body, adhering to sustainability objectives, committing to that of which keeps us engaged upon the path of wellbeing so that even through late hours and Hong Kong stress, we may lean into our duty and fill our reserves from there.
So as long as we remain open, we may stay interested in letting our heart's intuition lead the way. Absolutely, the very act of attuning to our higher purpose may involve meditative practices such as sitting in silent tea ceremony, breathing through yogic practice, offering seva service for those in need, laughter medicine, and family style love. We sometimes underestimate the healing power of effortless yet profound states of being such as stepping softly on the earth and simply not worrying about it, trustingthat the universe provides.
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