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Sakti Elixir Bar at Fivelements Habitat Hong Kong

Sakti, Reinvented or The affordable, simple luxury of Sakti Elixir Bar

Culinary Curator Arnaud Hauchon has transformed Fivelements Bali's renowned fine dining for the new Times Square located Sakti Elixir Bar at Fivelements Habitat.
The new all-day eatery combines sleek counter service with concise menus evolving from breakfast through lunch and dinner, an exciting tea menu and a focus on sustainability.

Arnaud Hauchon
Culinary Curator, Fivelements
"The concept of Sakti Dining Room is very strong. Plant-based nutrition with a strong commitment to sustainability – this is the core of Sakti and must be preserved. But with the new Sakti Elixir Bar, how do I bring that to a wider audience, daily, within such a high pressure and competitive environment as Times Square?

I think, I hope, this new challenge shows how I am maturing as a chef. I come from fine dining and with Fivelements have entertained guests with Sakti's menus in Bali and previously Sai Kung. At Fivelements Habitat we want to feed our guests on a daily basis. My mission is to bring the same joy of cooking plant-based cuisine, attention to detail and sense of care, while still delivering pleasure, nutrition and taste. And the concept will be more relaxed and down-to-earth in setting and service, inspired by the Danish concept of 'hugge'
At Fivelements Habitat we believe it is time to offer our plant-based cuisine to a wider perspective. Our guests are trend setters, not because of the power of their consumption, but because the cuisine becomes their way of life, way of being. We want them to enjoy our food every day; we want Sakti Elixir Bar to become their second home.
In the kitchen, I'm still conveying my love and passion for food, but with a more natural presentation. Focusing on the product hasn't changed, and the most important ingredients are those that grow locally and organically, which we source directly from Hong Kong's farmers. Of course not all of them are local, but those that are will be our star products and we will let them shine naturally.

I've been in Hong Kong for quite a few years and have built up relationships with local farmers who need our support. Together we are exploring ingredients that today's Hong Kongers' grandparents and parents used to cook and eat, some of which are better known through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), such as osmanthus. One ingredient I can't resist bringing in from Bali, however, is the ginger torch flower, and when it is in season we will be the only Hong Kong menu to offer it.
A key objective for us is to work towards zero waste. We are using compostable takeaway containers, experimenting with an electric compost machine and are signed up to a local compost community. And we have many more initiatives to share too. We want to support companies that are doing the right thing and grow with them as they grow. This is an on-going process, which I'm very excited about.
We look forward to attracting like-minded guests, as well as those who want to give plant-based a go, and those who never considered it before but end up feeling deeply nourished. The menu I will create will follow the seasons and be composed simply, honestly, incorporating dishes that are nourishing and creative while being affordable and focusing on sustainable cuisine.

For me, plant-based is the most elegant and responsible of all cuisines. It creates harmony and health in body, mind and spirit. But really, I'm not here to advocate; I just want to serve our guests 'real' food and see them enjoy it."
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