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Fivelements' secret of sustainability: 3 Pillars of Wellness

At Fivelements we believe that focusing on our personal wellness leads to positive transformation through engagement with wider communities around us.
To initiate collaborative creativity, we need to respect, study and finally understand all influences on our lives and activities.

At Fivelements we do it in three steps: be inspired with Balinese philosophies, learn from international best practices and follow certification schemes to make our products fully completed. And this is the exact way we created our approach in 3 Pillars of Wellness.

Personal Wellness

The Balinese Philosophy of Tri Kaya Parisudha suggests that a clean mind, clean speech, and clean action are keys to approaching life in a balanced manner. Maintaining our personal health, including mental, spiritual and physical aspects, is the first step towards supporting positive action in the world around us.

At Fivelements, support begins with our design process and is carried out through our operations, services and the products we offer. From our food, to our treatments, to our accommodations, we produce and curate natural products created sustainably by people who are supported to live healthy lifestyles. We do this with the intention that all of the positive action behind each service or product has a cumulative effect on the end user. Every guest should finish a Fivelements experience so overflowing with love that they can't help but share some of it with the rest of the world!
Our Personal Wellness efforts are focused by providing services in the following areas:

1. Traditionally inspired beauty and wellness treatments
2. Healthy, rejuvenating plant-based cuisine
3. Clean and free water for consumption, play and general enjoyment
4. Fresh air and natural light in indoor and outdoor spaces
5. Engaging activities for fitness and entertainment
6. Beautiful and comfortable facilities and accommodation
7. Yoga, meditation, wellness rituals and educational opportunities

Social Harmony

Our Social Policy is one of continuous dialogue through open channels of communication resulting in well-organized and appropriate projects on the ground. We are constantly open to feedback on how we can better interact with and support all of our stakeholders from our immediate neighbors to the global community at large.
Our current program involves efforts in Social Awareness and "on the ground" Social Impact Projects:

1. Fivelements supports knowledge sharing and dialoguing on positive topics through ongoing events on quarterly and yearly schedules.
2. Fivelements is committed to putting its resources into action in at least two ongoing social projects per year, working with partner communities on Bali and around the world.
We give special consideration to projects that meet the following objectives:

1. Projects which support spiritual and traditional knowledge and holistic wellness
2. Projects which promote environmental awareness and healthy outdoor activities
3. Projects which support regenerative use of water supplies and marine habitats
4. Projects which support production of clean healthy foods
Our efforts here are multiplied by work with local partners and partner organizations. Fivelements is committed to continuing to develop relationships with Certification organizations, Social and Corporate institutions and changemakers around the world.

Net Positive Impact

Our intention is to move our operations beyond the sustainability of Green Building and into the realm of Regenerative Design. In concept, this means that synergies between elements in our operations and those of partner organizations will create self-sustaining positive impacts on the world around us.

We begin this process by seeking appropriate Green Building certification for all of our infrastructure projects. Once our infrastructure is in place, we strive to measure the overall impact of our operations and to offset any negative impact through equally measured efforts with partners. Offsetting projects include tree planting to balance energy and material use and support of third party managed social campaigns.
Our current efforts are focused on measuring our impacts in the following categories:

1. Site Sensitivity and Natural Habitat
2. Water
3. Energy
4. Materials
5. Waste
6. Indoor Environmental Quality
Within these categories we are committed to:

Site Sensitivity and Natural Habitat

1. Research natural history of all properties during the design process
2. Adhere to local laws and customs
3. Preserve a minimum of 25% of our properties in garden
4. Support sustainable forms of transport such as bicycles, public transport and electric cars


1. Treat wastewater from all of our properties to international standards on site
2. Offer locally sourced drinking water
3. Recycle rainwater or wastewater on site
4. Use efficient fixtures to reduce overall water use


1. Use high quality and low voltage LEDs to reduce energy use
2. Offer access to fresh air and fans to avoid dependence on air conditioning
3. Monitor Energy Use and adjust operational procedures for efficiency


1. Prioritize natural materials in unprocessed or minimally processed forms
2. Prioritize sustainable materials produced by sustainable managed companies
3. Prioritize local materials in all design efforts


1. Separate waste streams on site
2. Process organic waste on site
3. Recycle non-organic waste with local partners

Indoor Environmental Quality

1. Offer naturally ventilated indoor spaces planted with appropriate air cleaning plants
2. Design for high quality air conditioning within the building envelope
3. Test air quality within the building envelope yearly in all of our properties
We do everything possible and impossible at Fivelements to foster positive lifestyles. We find sustainability comes from continuous interaction and mutual support of the various elements and activities which comprise life at our healing center. We are always seeking new ways to learn, develop and grow, that is why every day we are welcoming like-minded people to share our ideas and energy and are always ready to join our friends aspiring to harmony worldwide.
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