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Tradition meets technology in the ultimate sound healing

Fivelements Habitat's new sound immersion studio is the perfect antidote to busy city life

Imagine losing yourself in sounds that are designed to dance with your brain's waves, helping you relax, sparking creativity and boosting positivity. Now imagine being able to see those sounds, and those waves, at the same time!

At Fivelements Habitat, professional practitioners will be exploring the art and science of inner transformation via sound healing in Hong Kong's first ever sound and vision immersion studio.

Escape the cacophony of the city and soak up the vibes from a menu of sound baths and their corresponding sound-scapes playing across the high-tech screen. Expect gong baths, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls and voice-led sessions that massage the body and mind at a cellular level, harmonising brain waves, soothing the nervous system and initiating deep healing.
"Sound is a central element of life, and in a busy city like Hong Kong sound healing is the ideal antidote to all the noise," says Chicco Tatriele, co-founder Fivelements Habitat.

"Old medicine, primordial, therapy via sound has been used for centuries by shaman. Here at Fivelements Habitat we are blending aeons of tradition with cutting-edge technology in order to harness the most profound benefits of sound healing and transform the inner peace and holistic wellness of our guests."

The magic will happen in the Sound Studio. "It has been created specifically to mix sound and technology for the most powerful and inspiringly healing effects possible," says Chicco. "The sessions will offer similar effects as meditation and mindfulness, but through the medium of sound."

Chicco Tatriele
Co-founder and Managing Director, Fivelements
While sound healing dates back to ancient Greece, it has been very much under the spotlight recently with studies proving that music and sound healing not only boost morale and reduce anxiety and stress, they also improve the memory.

In addition, expect a strengthened immune system, activated sympathetic nervous system, slower respiratory rates and circulation, calmed pain reflex and decreased risk of heart related issues. And sound healing works on everyone, from stressed out urbanites to teens and children, even premature babies.

Fivelements sound healing classes

Practice yoga to the sound of crystal singing bowls, the sound waves and pure tones synergising with restoring asanas to release muscle tension, relax the mind, soothe emotions and dissolve stress.

Tibetan and Himalayan singing bowl sessions bring vibrational healing as the sound waves travel through the body and restore brain waves, breathing, blood pressure and heart rate frequencies, bringing physical, emotional and insomnia relief.

Gong baths lull guests' brain waves from awake Beta to lucid dreaming Theta states, allowing the parasympathetic system to regenerate, calming the inner dialogue and making space for higher states of consciousness.

Chanting combines beautifully with yoga nidra. Try a Free Your Voice workshops to awaken your own resonant sound, or simply loose yourself in enchanting voice and meditation performances, kirtan sessions and silent discos.

The future of sound healing

And this is just the start. Private guided meditation sessions with sensors means individual brainwaves will also show up on the screen. "Our guests will feel the effects of meditation in their head and instantly they will see the effects on the screen. This is really powerful," assures Chicco.

Fivelements Habitat will offer live music sessions with musicians' and singers' sounds echoed in patterns and colours in soundscapes via multi-projections.

"Music is life; it touches our DNA," says Chicco. "Even if people are not confident in mediation, music is for everyone."
Chicco and Lahra Tatriele are members of the Mental Wellness Initiative created by the Global Wellness Institute.
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