Fivelements Co-founders' Profiles
Chicco Tatriele, co-founder and managing director of Fivelements
Native to Italy, Chicco's brings extensive experience in executive production management across Europe and Asia. His Italian heritage and creative entrepreneurship led him to co-found Mandala Creative Productions in 1996, and today, it is recognized as the foremost photography and production agency in Italy, specializing in advertising photography, major event productions and show direction with a prestigious client portfolio of luxury brands, including L'Oreal, Armani, Loro Piana, Etro, Adidas, BMW and Telecom.
Lahra Tatriele, co-founder and chief innovation director of Fivelements
Born in Korea, Lahra spent her childhood in Tokyo, Paris and New York. She graduated from New York University's Stern School of Business and moved to Hong Kong to work across Greater China on brand equity projects. With expertise in strategic marketing, advertising and creative planning, she has worked with multi-national companies in the US and Asia, including Pfizer, Ritz Carlton, JWT, Motorola and Publicis Hal Rhiney. Lahra has built her career creating and executing progressive brand strategies for new market segments.
United in a journey of love, faith and transformation, Lahra and Chicco co-founded Fivelements in 2007 as an integrated wellness lifestyle concept, bringing to life a new genre of wellness destinations and services that would bridge the wisdom of traditional cultures with innovative wellness concepts. Today, the award-winning wellness retreat is renowned as one of Asia's foremost, integrated wellness lifestyle brands.
As Chief Innovation Officer, Lahra's key role is creating high impact, innovative wellness strategies, curating inspiring eco-wellness design and crafting authentic wellness programmes. As Managing Director, Chicco is the key principal in overseeing operations management and the execution of Fivelements' growth strategy. Together, they possess a wealth of experience in international business, creative entrepreneurship, holistic health, hospitality and spiritual dialogue.
Chicco and Lahra's life mission remain the driving force behind Fivelements.
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